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Top Issues I will Focus on:

I will PROTECT the quality of life in OP by ensuring development projects align with citizen needs, especially given the delicate balance we have in Ward 6 between farms, suburban areas, schools, parks and small businesses.  Ward 6 is a prime target for development projects and I want to ensure that constituents of our ward have a voice at the City Council.  I will advocate for a healthy balance of new development while embracing local agriculture, parks and recreation

I will STOP the improper use of tax incentives for commercial development by advocating for responsible spending.  The City of OP has given millions of dollars away in tax incentives to commercial developers at the risk of future mill levy increases.  I will be laser focused on ensuring the City tax dollars are spent improving the lives of the community vs special interest groups.

I will STOP the overbuilding of high density apartments.  Currently, there is more supply than demand for high-end luxury apartments.  As development continues in Ward 6, there needs to be a healthy balance of single family homes, apartments and commercial/retail development. The overbuilding of apartments is also contributing to traffic congestion on 69 highway, which is a material quality of life issue for Ward 6 residents.

I will STOP the use of chip seal for residential street resurfacing moving forward.  We are the only city in Johnson County to use chip seal, which is a low grade, low cost solution.  Growing up on a farm, chip seal was used as an improvement to rural gravel roads. Currently, the use of chip seal on our residential streets is putting the safety of our children, pedestrians and cyclists at risk, producing damage to our cars, and reducing property values.  There are clearly better street resurfacing options for residential streets.

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